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– 2017 Tulsa Review Editorial Staff

The Things I Do (When Missing You)
by Madison Bremer
Sarah Stecher Poetry Prize 2017
by John Powell
Second Place Poetry 2017
by Chester Sellars
Third Place Poetry 2017
Hard-Boiled Choices
by Devin Evans
First Place Prose 2017
The Rut
by Trent Gleason
Second Place Prose 2017
No Fear
by Jessica Hulsey
Third Place Prose 2017
by Brianna Sanow
Sarah Stecher Poetry Prize 2016
by Stephen Boyd Cates
Second Place Poetry 2016
Breakfast with Billy Collins
by Jane Gibson
Third Place Poetry 2016
This I Believe
by Sarah Collier
First Place Prose 2016
Books and Their Covers
by John David Ira
Second Place Prose 2016
by Jessica Anderson
Third Place Prose 2016
Carroll After Dark
by Debra Chandler
First Place Poetry 2015
by Jessica Hulsey
Second Place Poetry 2015
by Mason Powell
Third Place Poetry 2015
by J. Darin Ellis
First Place Prose 2015

Someone Tried To Kill Me On Route Taco:

A Glimpse Into the Invisible Wounds of War

Dragon Breath Nights
by Brandie McAllister
Second Place Prose 2015
On Being Ex Best Friends from a Girl Made from Metaphors
by Jenna Buschmann
Third Place Prose 2015
The Conservationist
by Jenna Buschmann
First Place Prose 2014
by Maurie Traylor
Second Place Prose 2014
The Long Goodbye
by Nina Smith
Third Place Prose 2014
While Sweeping
by Kat Patterson
First Place Poetry 2014
How to appreciate art in the modern age
by Caleb Hamilton
Second Place Poetry 2014
What Life Became After You Left
by Andrea Aguayo
Third Place Poetry 2014